Mine is a therapist guided group where members meet weekly to support each other in uncovering and processing core issues contributing to self defeating thoughts and behaviors. Identifying, addressing and overcoming emotional issues and cognitive distortions leading to anxiety, depression, self destructive actions, and addictions or compulsive behaviors will be at the center of this groups purpose. An eclectic approach is used to help bring you new insight in areas including, your life, goals, career, relationships and connection with self and others. Focus is also on improving your self awareness and self worth. Realignment and integration with yourself often occur during experiential work. Contact me for details.   ((New Enrollment in groups are on hold at this time.))

Group Details

  • Issues: Addiction, Codependency, Self Esteem, Compulsive Behaviors, Emotional Immaturity, Relational Issues
  • Treatment Orientation: Experiential, Attachment Oriented, Person Centered, Emotion Focused Therapy
  • Age: Adults
  • Session Cost:  $50

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What are my groups about? Personal empowerment, codependency and freedom from self defeating thoughts and behaviors.